Essential Oils

Until recently, I thought essential oils were for mood and creating a peaceful atmosphere.  A friend posted a side-by-side picture of her son’s arm, who suffers severe eczema.  One one side was the crook of his elbow in it’s normal, infected state with the treatment of expensive steroids.  On the other side, his arm was treated with therapeutic grade melaleuca (tea tree oil) and was drastically improved.  When I saw this a light went off in my head.  Of course!  I believe plants have many medicinal qualities.  Why shouldn’t they be helpful for treating some of the issues for which we often turn to pharmaceuticals?  I had to know more!   This is what I’ve learned and would love to share with you.

Essential oils are the part of plants that help defend it from disease, insects and bacteria.  Extensive studies have revealed that each oil contains a variety of “active ingredients” and properties that can help our bodies.  They are divided into classes by their dominant property, but they are surprisingly diverse in their effects.  Just as the goodness of an orange cannot be attributed to vitamin C alone, essential oils are very complex and it is difficult to narrow down their effectiveness to just one active ingredient.  Instead, each oil can have several (even hundreds) of active ingredients that can help our bodies.  Essential oils are oil soluble, which allows them to move to the interior of a human cell.  Research has shown that many of the oils have anti-bacterial properties and some oils are even effective anti-virals, which means they can help you fight and recover from viral illnesses.  They can even eliminate airborne pathogens.  Because they are living and dynamic they can combat illnesses with intelligence. It’s amazing these oils are not more widely used!  They are not as powerful as modern pharmaceuticals, but high quality oils are 100% natural and can often take care of the problem at hand.  As a first line of defense they can drastically reduce the amount of antibiotics consumed for minor conditions such as cold, flu, infection, ear ache, etc. In addition to the myriad of other health benefits.

The best news is that they are safe for pregnancy, with a few exceptions.  So, if you’re starting to feel like you’re getting sick you have a defense.  I use them in labor to help create a peaceful atmosphere, intensify contractions, reduce nausea, help with discomfort, help turn the baby if they are posterior.  But they have many, many uses for pregnancy, postpartum and children.  I’d love to chat with you about oils and how you can use them.

I’ve chosen to use DoTerra oils because they are therapeutic grade and have a very high standard.  Send me a message if you’d like help getting started, or you may click on the link below to make an order.


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