Since 2010, I have had the privilege of being a Certified HypnoDoula through Hypnobabies. You may be like me when I first got started: I had no idea what hypnosis was and could only conjure images of a man swinging a watch telling his client they are getting “sleepier, sleepier.” As I took the course I quickly learned otherwise and I was sold when I saw how my very first Hypnobabies client responded. I met her at the hospital because her water had broken and her doctor wanted her to come in. She was moaning and struggling to use her hypnosis with a very nervous dad by her side. As I started to support her with some of the scripts, that she had listened to during the course, she immediately relaxed and looked like she was sleeping when her waves arrived. I was convinced. Over the years I have witnessed some truly amazing births with Hypnobabies and I just want to tell the world about it!

The 6-week Hypnobabies course is a full childbirth education class, where you will learn the physiology of childbirth, nutrition, breastfeeding, and baby care in addition to learning medical hypnosis techniques to prepare families for childbirth with positive expectations for a peaceful and comfortable pregnancy and birth. The hypnotic tools are especially powerful for helping mom’s achieve an instant state of deep relaxation, something that women can maintain while walking and talking through “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis.” Unlike the stereotype of someone under hypnosis, “eyes-open childbirth hypnosis” enables women using Hypnobabies to be more present, aware, and in control than women relying on comfort measures and hormones alone. The result is often a faster, more peaceful, and truly satisfying birth.

If you don’t have a class in your area, or the schedule doesn’t work for you, many of my clients have had tremendous success with the home study option. Click on the logo below to get started!